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    CCRN Documentary

    To celebrate 5 years of scientific research, CCRN produced a short documentary film highlighting major scientific outcomes and advancements made by the network from 2013 to 2018. Please share and enjoy!

    Online Viewing

    This 3-part series is available to be viewed on YouTube as well as other online video players (coming soon). View as one continuous video, or as individual parts highlighting the following:

    Complete Film: Changing Climate and Environment of Western Canada - a compilation of the 3 parts listed below (~36 min)

    Part 1: Death of Winter - dive into how the climate and environment across Western Canada has changed since the mid-20th century (~16 min)

    Part 2: Changing Cold Regions Network - learn about CCRN and how their researchers have made scientific advancements to better diagnose change and predict the future (~11 min)

    Part 3: Future Scenarios of Change -  discover how the climate and environment across Western Canada will change by the end of the 21st century (~11 min)

    View on Other Online Video Players

    Coming soon!