In conjunction with the IP3 and WC2N networks and many other partners in the Bow Valley and further afield, CRSI sponsored a Canadian Rockies Snow and Ice Speaker Series in Canmore, between January and May 2010.

Seven speakers provided presentations on snow and ice research in Canada, Europe, and the United States.

Video and audio files of presentations are available from the links are listed below. We would like to thank the Friends of Banff National Park Radio for their audio PodCasts.

The Bow Valley's Rocky Mountain Outlook newspaper has carried articles written by Lynn Martel on each of the speakers - links to copies of these pieces are also provided below. (These articles appear with permission from the Rocky Mountain Outlook.)

26 January 2010
Dr John Pomeroy: IP3 Principal Investigator, University of Saskatchewan
Canadian Rockies Snow and Ice Initiative: Creating a 'Canadian Davos' in the Bow Valley
Video (QuickTime .mov file, 204 MB)
Audio PodCast
Rocky Mountain Outlook article: Canmore to host snow and ice speaker series

10 Febrary 2010
Dr Juan Ignacio Lopez-Moreno
Environmental change and water resources in the Pyrenees: Facts and future perspectives for Mediterranean Mountains
Video (QuickTime .mov file, 217 MB)
Audio PodCast
Rocky Mountain Outlook article: Pyrenees snow, water expert to share research in Rocky Mountains

3 March 2010
Dr Gwenn Flowers
Water under glaciers: Why some glaciers flow fast and what this means for their survival
Video (QuickTime .mov file, 124 MB)
Audio PodCast
Rocky Mountain Outlook article: Glaciologist presentation to highlight Yukon research

3 March 2010
Robert Sandford
Corralling the Water Hole: Avoiding Dispute and Potential Conflict Over Water in the Canadian West
Video (QuickTime .mov file, 47 MB)
Audio PodCast
(Bob's presentation is included in this edition of the weekly program Affecting You, beginning near the 18-minute mark)

24 March 2010
Dr Matthias Bernhardt
Research on Snow and Glaciers in the European Alps
Audio PodCast

Dr Danny Marks
The Impact of Climate Warming on Snow, Climate, and Streamflow in a North American Mountain Basin
Audio PodCast

Video (both presentations - QuickTime .mov file, 311 MB)
Rocky Mountain Outlook article: CRSI Speakers' Series features U.S., European mountain snow studies

7 April 2010
Dr Tobias Jonas
Research, monitoring, and warning services related to snow and avalanches in Switzerland
Video (QuickTime .mov file, 178 MB)
Audio PodCast
Rocky Mountain Outlook article: Swiss researcher to join snow and ice speaker series

19 May 2010
Dr Shawn Marshall
Glacier fluctuations: what glaciers tell us about climate change
Video (QuickTime .mov file, 183 MB)
Rocky Mountain Outlook article: Series speaker focuses on glaciers, climate change

Cybera GeoCENS VideoThe Marmot Creek research basin at Kananaskis, close to the CRSI offices at the Coldwater Centre, is featured in this YouTube video published by CRSI partner-project the Geospatial Cyberinfrastructure for Environmental Sensing (GeoCENS), based at the University of Calgary.