Other Meetings and Presentations

8-12 June 2010
International Polar Year Oslo Science Conference
Oslo, Norway
IP3 science was represented by papers in several sessions, particularly Theme 2.5, From land to ocean: Hydrological, coastal, near- shore and upper shelf processes in Polar Regions, for which John Pomeroy was invited to be the main convener.

3-4 June 2010
CMOS/CGU Joint Congress 2010

Ottawa, ON
IP3 participants organised the session entitled Hydrology - Cold Regions Processes: a full list of presentations is available here

27 May 2010
'Bacon & Eggheads'
Ottawa, ON
John Pomeroy was invited to make a presentation to Senators, Members of Parliament and senior figures in the Federal Civil Service, an event in the 'Bacon & Eggheads' series organized by the Partnership Group for Science and Engineering. These are held once per month when Parliament is in session, and are aimed at bringing together Parliamentarians and Canadian scientists and engineers to communicate important scientific work to key decision makers. John presented Uncertain Western Water and Canadian Food Security.

27-28 May 2010
CFCAS and Environment Canada Symposium
Canadian Water Security - The Critical Role of Science

Ottawa, ON
IP3 and other researchers and decision makers from the academic, governmental and industrial community presented information on the context of water at home and abroad, on extreme conditions, the impact of climate on water quantity and quality, policy options and transboundary issues.

26 May 2010
Parks Canada Research Update
Banff, AB
Masaki Hayashi gave a presentation at the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies, Banff, describing progress with his work in the IP3 research basin at Lake O'Hara. The article is posted here, and the presentation itself is available as a Friends of Banff podcast.

2-7 May 2010
European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2010
Vienna, Austria
IP3 scientists participated in Session HS4.13, Mountain hydrology: Observations, processes and models, for which John Pomeroy was the invited speaker

2-12 March 2010
Principles of Hydrology Course at University of Calgary's Biogeoscience Institute
Over 40 graduate students and young professionals participated in this intensive classroom and field course, offered by the University of Saskatchewan's Centre for Hydrology and the Canadian Water Resources Association.

16-18 February 2010
IPY Canada Early Results Workshop
Ottawa, ON
Included representation from IP3's involvement in the IPY

1 February 2010
IP3 and WC2N (Western Canadian Cryospheric Network) members participated in a workshop on Glaciers in the Columbia Basin - Glacial Recession Research in Golden, BC. This workshop was a joint outreach effort of both networks with the Columbia Basin Trust and others. There was also a full evening of presentations for the public on Our Glaciers. Our Legacy at the Golden Civic Centre. A detailed Agenda for the evening public presentations is available here. John Pomeroy provided a public presentation on Water in the Columbia, Effects of Climate Change, and Glacial Recession. The Revelstoke Times published an article 8 February 2010 on the public presentations, Experts explore future of Columbia Basin glaciers.

17th International Northern Research Basins Symposium & Workshop (NRB)
IP3 supported a variety of local outreach activities during this workshop in Arctic Canada
Full details on the symposium are available here

8 December 2009
Canadian Water Resources Association / Canadian Society of Hydrologic Sciences (CWRA/CSHS) Discussion Group
Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium (PCIC), University of Victoria, Victoria, BC
Dr John Pomeroy made a presentation to the group as part of a meeting entitled Modelling snow processes for climate change impact analyses: challenges and insights. Dr Pomeroy spoke on Climate Sensitivity of Alpine Snow Regimes in the Canadian Rockies (co-authors A. Sabourin, M. MacDonald). His presentation is now available on the PCIC website.

August 2009
Kathy Young, Geography Professor at York University and a scientist with the IP3 and IPY projects, led 69 Arctic hydrologists,  oceanographers, and others on a floating expedition to Baffin Island for the 17th International Northern Research Basins (NRB) Symposium and Workshop. IP3 scientists and students attended the Symposium, and the IP3 and WC2N Networks supported outreach activities in several ports-of-call during the cruise. York University has written three articles on the cruise:
 - YFile - 5 August 2009
 - YFile - 26 August 2009
 - YFile - 27 August 2009
Additionally, the NRB organizing committee has posted on-line minutes and reports from the meeting as well as professional photos documenting the symposium. (updated 12 November 2009)

24-27 May 2009
AGU Joint Assembly: The Meeting of the Americas
Toronto, ON
IP3 organised two sessions on Advances in Cold Regions Hydrology and Recent Advances in the Scientific Basis of Water Resources Management