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Posters & Brochures:
Brochure: "Climate and Water Resources in the Mackenzie Basin: Science meets Society" (PDF English only) - Request one!
Full colour poster (PDF English, French) - Request one!
Full colour brochure (PDF English, French) - Request one!
MAGS Buttons/Pins - Request one!
MAGS Poster for 31st CMOS Congress (Word 7.0 version)
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News reports:
Science and the Environment Bulletin - "Climate Change and Canada’s Water Resources: Predicting the Future" - Environment Canada - November, 2001
Northern News Services - "The climate of change" - Mike W. Bryant - Yellowknife - August 8, 2001
Northern News Services - "Blame it on the tropics?" - Jennifer McPhee - Yellowknife - June 20, 2001
CBC Radio News - Climate Change Study - June 18, 2001
CNEWS Science - "Warming affects Mackenzie River basin" - MICHAEL SMITH - June 14, 2001
NSERC - "GEWEX Study: Predicting climate change key to managing resources"
Northern News Services - "Looking for climate clues" - Derek Neary - Fort Simpson - February 26, 1999
GEWEX News article - "The Canadian GEWEX Program, MAGS"
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