Drought Research Initiative

Presentations from the Third Annual DRI Workshop

January 17 -19, 2008
Calgary, Alberta
Session 1

  • PDF Ron Stewart and John Pomeroy - The Drought Research Initiative, Workshop III
  • PDF Rick Lawford - A Primer on DRI

Session 2

  • PDF Siegfried Schubert, et al. - Drought Research Priorities in the United States
  • PDF David M. Legler - US Clivar Activities Addressing Long-Term Drought
  • PDF Kerstin Stahl - European Initiatives on Drought: Research Projects and Networks

Session 3

  • PDF Ray Keller - Drought Issues and Water Management in Alberta
  • PDF Bob Kochtubajda - Drought Services on the Prairie Provinces

Session 4

  • PDF Alison Meinert, et al. - Characterizing the Climatological Nature of the 1999-2005 Drought in the Canadian Prairies: Data Sources and Issues
  • PDF P.R. Bullock - Agricultural Drought Assessment: An Update
  • PDF S. Lapp, et al. - Validating Historical GCM Simulations of Climate Moisture Variability with Observed and Dendroclimatic Records
  • PDF A. Pietroniro, et al. - Summary of NAESI Water Availability Indicators and Applications to DRI

Session 5

  • PDF Kit Szeto - Prairie Water and Energy Cycling: Budget Assessments, Modeling and Process Diagnostics
  • PDF Heather Greene, Ron Stewart and Henry Leighton - Clouds, Radiation and Drought
  • PDF G.S. Strong - Atmospheric Moisture and Thunderstorm Drought Update
  • PDF Ron Stewart - Clouds, Storms and Drought

Session 6

  • PDF Harvey Hill - PAC Update
  • PDF Terry Rolfe, Irene Hanuta - An Update of Drought Policy Activities at Agriculture and Agri-food Canada
  • PDF Daniel Itenfisu, Ralph Wright - Alberta Agriculture and Food's Drought Risk Management Program and Weather Station Networks

Session 7

  • PDF John Pomeroy, et al. - Canadian Hydrological Drought: Processes and Modelling
  • PDF Youssef Loukili, Allan Woodbury - SABAE-HW3D: A Hydro-meteorological Model Coupling the Land Surface and Groundwater Flow
  • PDF Garth van der Kamp - Groundwater Interactions with Soil Moisture and Surface Water
  • PDF Ken Snelgrove, Sitolaw Yirdaw and Clement Agboma - Groundwater Implications for Drought Research
  • PDF Masaki Hayahsi, John Jackson, et al. - Understanding the Response of Groundwater to Drought and Increasing Demands

Session 8 - posters

Session 9

  • PDF T.Y. Gan, et al. - Precipitation of Southwestern Canada - Wavelet, Scaling, Multifractal Analysis & Teleconnection to Climate Anomalies
  • PDF Barry Bonsal, Amir Shabbar - Large-Scale SST Patterns & Teleconnections Associated with the 1999-2005 Canadian Prairie Drought
  • PDF John Gyakum, Eyad Atallah and Alain Roberge - Synoptic Modulation of the Prairies Drought (1999-2005)
  • PDF Amir Shabbar - Tropical Pacific Teleconnection associated with the 1998-2000 Drought over Canada
  • PDF E.R. Garnett, C.E. Haque, and M.L. Khandekar - Canadian Prairie Drought: Climatology, Mechanism and Monitoring

Session 10

  • PDF G.J. Boer - Seasonal Forecasting: current status and future directions
  • PDF Charles Lin, et al. - Soil Moisture Analysis and Seasonal Forecast of Drought
  • PDF Aaron Berg, Gordon Drewitt - Sensitivity of Seasonal Climate Forecasts in the CCCma GCM to Initialization of Land Surface Hydrological States
  • PDF Kevin Shook, John Pomeroy - Testing the stationarity of historical meteorological data on the Canadian prairies
  • PDF Saul Marin, Dean Shaw and Bruce Davison - In Support of the Drought Research Initiative: Addressing current modelling challenges

Session 11

  • PDF Steve Williams - Project Data Management Planning
  • PDF Ken Korporal - Canadian GEO Update
  • PDF A. Howard - Climate Data Application in AAFC
  • PDF A.P. Trishchenko, et al. - Vegetation and soil moisture response to drought conditions in Prairies derived from MODIS and AMSR-E satellite observations and modeling
  • PDF S. Skone - Atmospheric Moisture Estimates from GNSS Signals

Session 12

  • PDF Masaki Hayashi - DRI Theme 2 Overview
  • PDF Charles Lin - DRI Theme 3 Overview
  • PDF Barrie Bonsal - DRI Theme 4 Overview
  • PDF Harvey Hill - Partnership Advisory Committee Overview
  • PDF Ron Stewart - Introduction to break-out sessions

Session 13

  • PDF Ron Stewart - DRI summary