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DRI Data Legacy

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What is the DRI Data Legacy:
The purpose of the DRI data legacy is to publish the metadata and a selection of data from the Drought Research Initiative (DRI) regarding various aspects of drought in western Canada. This activity is described in the International GEO Workplan as follows:

Development of a legacy integrated drought data system.

In order to meet the needs of stakeholders and other users for information on drought information, the Drought Research Initiative (DRI) will develop an data legacy system for consolidating regional information about drought.  This data system will not only serve the needs of the research community but it will provide governments and the public with better access to information about drought phenomena based on a multi-year historic drought that had major soci-economic impacts in western Canada.  The system will integrate a number of original measurements taken for research purposes with other data bases and analyses.  The overall information system will rely on both distributed and centralized elements and will apply and test concepts of interoperability, data sharing and the use of common standards for interdisciplinary data sets.

The result will be a metadata information system that users can search for data relevant to drought. The centralized metadata will link to either centralized (publicly available data) or distributed data (connect the data user to the provider).
Data Legacy Schematic
DRI Data Legacy Schematic, Phillip Harder (2009)