Improving Processes & Parameterization
for Prediction in Cold Regions Hydrology
Centre for Hydrology, University of Saskatchewan,
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
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IP3 Models

IP3 has been actively involved in the continuing development of a range of models, encapsulating results from the network's research efforts, with the aim of improving predictive capabilities in cold regions hydrometeorology for research and operational purposes. Several of these are now available for use by hydrologists and water resources managers.

These models provide mechanisms to transform observations - made at point locations such as weather and snow-survey stations - into hydrological and meteorological predictions for scales ranging from small watersheds to sub-continental regions.

Their performance has been evaluated by running them using inputs measured at the various IP3 research basins, and comparing the outputs which they generate with corresponding datasets  observed over the same intervals in the same locales.

More information about these models, including details of how to obtain them for research or operational use, and of training courses, are provided below;