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Under the terms of IP3's funding agreement with CFCAS, the network has a duty to publish data gathered during the course of its activity into a permanent legacy archive, available for use by the scientific community at large. The strategy by which the network has aimed to fulfill this requirement has been described in its Data Policy.

This page provides a link to the datasets provided by IP3 researchers, which may be downloaded as simple - but consistently formatted - text-files. Links are also provided to images of the full plot for each dataset. Please note and adhere to the citation guidelines, disclaimer limitations and licensing details in the headers of every file. The data files are compressed: the largest is just over 1.5Mb, but most are much smaller.

IP3 data are also being made available from the Water and Environmental Hub, an open web platform for water and environmental data, supporting access by academia, government, industry, NGOs, and the general public.

The following are also available:

Full IP3 Database in MDB (Microsoft Access®) format    104Mb MDB (zipped)
Data model schemaPDF
Full IP3 archive catalogue PDF HTML
LiDAR coverages of research basins Please contact Kevin Shook (eMail)for details

Please note that downloading any file indicates acceptance of the terms of the IP3 Data Licence and Disclaimer, included in the header of every data-file, and also available separately at


Baker Creek (North-West Territories): subarctic shield lakes (Stations...)
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Lake O'Hara (British Columbia) wet alpine (Stations...)
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Marmot Creek (Alberta): subalpine forest (Stations...)
Download Full Archive

Peyto Creek (Alberta): glaciated alpine (Stations...)
Download Full Archive

Scotty Creek (North-West Territories): subarctic permafrost wetlands (Stations...)
Download Full Archive

Trail Valley Creek (North-West Territories): arctic tundra (Stations...)
Download Full Archive

Wolf Creek (Yukon Territory): subarctic tundra cordillera (Stations...)
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