Improving Processes & Parameterization
for Prediction in Cold Regions Hydrology
Centre for Hydrology, University of Saskatchewan,
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
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IP3 Network
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IP3 Organization

The IP3 network comprised nearly 100 participants, drawn from academic institutions and government agencies throughout Canada, and from the USA and Europe. The great majority of research activities were conducted by university faculty members, post-doctoral fellows and post-graduate students; more detail is available on the Researchers page.

The principal outputs of the network are a suite of models, developed and enhanced in the light of our research results to provide support for prediction of water resources information at a range of scales. Users of these products are to be found not only in academic institutions, but in federal and provincial government agencies and industry. The network was provided with feedback on the needs of users, and the operational effectiveness of its products, through the Cold Regions Hydrology Users' Group, and a looser association of partner organizations.

With such diverse and widely-distributed participation, the network required a solid managerial framework, as described below.


The network was guided by a Board of Directors and a Scientific Committee, supported by the Secretariat, with the participation of the Cold Regions Hydrology Users' Group and partner organizations.

Board of Directors

The Board met at least once a year, to oversee the network's progress at a strategic level. It monitered the overall integrity and quality of the scientific program and its associated activities, and ensured financial accountability to all participating institutions.

- Mandate
- Terms of Reference
- Annual Science Report - Year 1 (2006-2007)
- Annual Science Report - Year 2 (2007-2008)
- Annual Science Report - Year 3 (2008-2009)

- Final Science Report (2010)

Name Role Affiliation
Ming-Ko Woo Chair McMaster University
Tim Aston
Erica (Wilson) Butcher
John Pomeroy IP3 Principal Investigator University of Saskatchewan
Vincent Fortin   Environment Canada, Meteorological Research Branch
Dan Moore   University of British Columbia
Bob Reid   Indian and Northern Affairs Canada - Water Resources
Nadine Kapphahn Secretary
(ex officio: Network Manager)
University of Saskatchewan
Joni Onclin (ex officio: Financial Manager) University of Saskatchewan

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee met approximately once a month, to guide and maintain the network's focus and progress. It was the principal co-ordinating body for the detailed scientific content of activities within the three research themes, and managed the key week-to-week functioning o the program as a whole.

- Mandate
- Terms of Reference

Name Role Affiliation
John Pomeroy IP3 Principal Investigator: Chair University of Saskatchewan
Sean Carey Leader, Theme 1 Carleton University
Bill Quinton Leader, Theme 2 Wilfred Laurier University
Alain Pietroniro Leader, Theme 3 University of Saskatchewan
Diana Verseghy 'Member at Large' University of Waterloo
Nadine Kapphahn Secretary
ex officio: Network Manager
University of Saskatchewan
Joni Onclin ex officio: Financial Manager University of Saskatchewan
Michael Allchin ex officio: Data & Information Manager University of Saskatchewan


The Secretariat, headquartered at the University of Saskatchewan, provided administrative and technical support for the Scientific Committee.

Name Role
John Pomeroy IP3 Principal Investigator
Nadine Kapphahn Network Manager; Outreach & Education Co-ordinator
Joni Onclin Financial Manager
Michael Allchin Data & Information Manager; Webmaster