Improving Processes & Parameterization
for Prediction in Cold Regions Hydrology
Centre for Hydrology, University of Saskatchewan,
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
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IP3 Outputs

IP3 aims to make tangible contributions to cold-regions hydrology, in the form of contributions to theoretical academic understanding, innovative software for research and operational use, and information relevant to the scientific community and the broader public audience.

The network's outputs include...

Scientific Publications
Peer-reviewed papers in journals, conference presentations, posters and other manifestations of IP3 science have been prepared and delivered by the majority of the network's participants, from post-graduate (and some under-graduate) students, through post-doctoral fellows to those of professorial rank. Details are provided here.

The software written to encapsulate the results of studies into processes and subsequent  parameterisation provides the third 'P' of the network's title, prediction. These products are now in use, both to advance ongoing research and to contribute to the operational management of water resources. Descriptions of IP3 models are provided here.

Under the terms of IP3 funding agreement with CFCAS, the network has a duty to publish data gathered during the course of its activity into a permanent legacy archive, available for use by the scientific community at large. This archive is being implemented and populated in Year 4 (2010): details are provided here.

Outreach and Education
There is also a duty to share the results of our science with the broader public, in a variety of styles and formats, as appropriate to the nature and interests of the audiences involved. IP3 has published an enormous amount of information, ranging from presentations to school, community and specific environmental-interest groups, to engagements with federal and provincial governments, to insight sessions with businesses interested in water resources, to tourists visiting the National Parks. Much of this information is available for download from this site, starting here.