Improving Processes & Parameterization
for Prediction in Cold Regions Hydrology
Centre for Hydrology, University of Saskatchewan,
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
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IP3 Research Basins

IP3's field research was conducted in eight primary (and several subsidiary) research basins. Ranging in area from 10 to 200 km2, they were chosen to be representative of the cryosphere in Western Canada, sampling a great variety of cold region topography, vegetation, climate and precipitation regimes along a NS and EW transect from high- altitude cordilleran sites in the south and west (Rocky and Coast Mountains) to high-latitude, low-elevation basins in the north and east.

These basins provided a great variety of conditions and characteristics against which to develop and test new ideas. The observations made have been used to improve cold regions process representations, to evaluate mesoscale representations in models, and to assess model performance and sensitivity in multicriteria prediction. More information is available on the data and archiving page.

Northern Southern Other
Wolf Creek
subarctic tundra cordillera
Baker Creek

subarctic shield lakes
Trail Valley Creek

arctic tundra
Scotty Creek
permafrost wetlands
Havikpak Creek

taiga woodland
Polar Bear Pass

arctic wetlands
Marmot Creek
subalpine forest
Lake O'Hara

wet alpine
Peyto Glacier

glaciated alpine
Reynolds Creek
mountain rangeland